How much should I expect to pay for custom charges?

Due to Gangworthy LTD being located in London, United Kingdom we can only accurately calculate shipping costs for the surrounding areas. If there is a cost that is incurred after shipping, the fee would need to be paid by the customer. This will NOT be covered by Gangworthy LTD.

How long does dispatch take?

We aim to deliver the fastest times for dispatching and therefore are confident to say we dispatch within 3 - 5 working days. We will always update you via email to keep you in the loop of your order and any important details.

Where do I find the sizing guide?

Click HERE for the page relating to all things size guide related.
In regards to what the numbers mean they are in correlation to standard UK sizing.

Where can I find your terms of use, along with policies and data protection information?

Click HERE for a comprehensive explanation of all the ways were use your data and what our terms of usage are.

Where is Gangworthy LTD based?

We are based in the United Kingdom, London. We operate solely online currently, however we hope to produce pop ups in the future.
Do you sell products in colours than black?

Short answer... YES! However our collections and any new designs will always be placed onto black clothing. We will occasionally do limited runs of different colours, so be sure to look out for that!

Are your products sustainable?
Gangworthy LTD have taken every effort to ensure that the products we provide are sustainably sourced. Moreover that they are able to be recycled. This is why our poly mailers are bio-degradable, tissue paper recyclable and current clothing made from cotton or other stable materials.

Where can I can contact you regarding collaborations etc.?

Feel free to send us a message through our contact us page. Additionally if you want to email us directly please use the email :


Do you offer any promotions for first-time buyers?

We're so glad you asked! We absolutely do and here it is!


Please enjoy 10% off everything in our shop.