Brand Ambassadors / Models / Influencers

Gangworthy oversized and black clothing


Do you pride yourself on your authenticity?
Do you always reflect on how you can be true to yourself whilst navigating through life and opportunities?
If YES we want you!


Do you take great pride in your work?
Do you have particular standards, work must meet before submission?
If YES we want YOU!


Have you been knocked down and got back up?
Have you worked hard, been told no and still continued regardless of the naysayers?
If YES we want YOU!

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Charity / Non-Profit

Gangworthy oversized and black clothing working with charity and non profit organisations

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We would love to work with organisations which help the LGBTQIA+ communities!


We particularly want to give something back to BAME ethnic groups and would adore to hear from organisations in this category.

Hidden Disabilities

This is close to our hearts and we truly wish to help improve the daily lives of those with hidden disabilities.