For Influencers

So you like our merch huh?
Wanna take it up a level with your involvement in the gang?

Look no further!

Here at GW we are always looking for people who embody exactly what Gangworthy is about. We believe it takes a Gang of likeminded individuals to create a movement.

Our ethos is very simply - be YOU!

There is nothing more refreshing and pure than the moment you connect with another individual who just gets it. Who doesn't judge or hold against you things that are outside of your control.

Gangworthy OG Beanie - Diana
"Everyone is worthy of the fiercest love, support and encouragement."

If this sounds like something you would be interesting in supporting and want to get behind - we would LOVE to hear from you!

Email us why you think you would be a great fit as one of our partners :
Please use this link to get started!

We look forward to hearing from you!