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About Gangworthy LTD

Dianna - Gangworthy model wearing OG Beanie in black and Phoenix hoodie in black

Gangworthy is a conscientious, gender neutral clothing company, founded by blxck british individual Jade ‘Jadwuh’ Williams. Established in 2016, at its core Gangworthy is simply a word created and used to express belonging.
Fashion is a form of self-expression and every person should be able to dress comfortably without feeling restricted. With the mission for transforming fashion, Gangworthy LTD offers pieces that are designed with your interests in mind so you can achieve true personal style freedom while being stylish at any size.
The reason for creating such a clothing line, was at first at least, only made to subdue the frustrations of fast fashions, sizing inconsistency and gender conformity. Attempting to find a voice and style in a sea of clothing that was never made with you in mind, well… it’s not our idea of a great solution.

About Our Creator

Jade Jadwuh Williams - CEO of Gangworthy - Queer, Black, British fashion designer and business owner

Hi there! Nice to virtually meet you! My name is Jade but call me Jadwuh (Jad – Wah), go ahead… I insist. So a little about myself and why Gangworthy means so much to me.
Growing up outside of East London, UK, I’ve seen much in life. From people to fashion and food—I have many experiences that bring me joy when recalling them. In school years past, I was always the fat kid whom everyone made fun of for being uncoordinated on the court or playground. Always far larger than your average child and played it off with humour. It wasn’t until I had my first taste of weight loss and understood what body dysmorphia was. After putting the weight I lost during the time back on, I have worked on loving myself and understanding what makes me, me.

In 2016, it was one of the toughest years I had ever faced and I planned on loving myself. This was not easy and is an everyday task to keep up with. When Gangworthy came about it was meant for inclusion, regardless of perceived flaws and/or faults. My intentions were to eventually create a clothing line which could include as many people as possible.
Now in 2021 is where it all begins, my first ever product based business. All I wanted is for the experience of purchasing with Gangworthy and myself to be warm and filling. To know your part of ‘The Gang’ is to know you have a squad of like minded people, who want nothing but the best for you. Only requirement is to be the most authentic YOU.

Paving New Pathways For Everyone To Be Included In Fashion

The Gangworthy LTD team is committed to exceeding customer expectations. Feedback from our customers helps us improve the services we offer, so if you have any ideas or constructive criticism please email : customerservice@gangworthy.com
Gangworthy Ltd. is always looking for new talent to provide amazing quality, whether that relates to the product or customer relations. If you’re interested in a position with us please visit our opportunities page!

Our Values


The fashion industry has been the source of many issues lately. The overproduction and quick production cycles have led to a lot of environmental problems, as well as social consequences like perpetuating consumerism which leads to global warming. The fast-fashion trend is notorious for producing clothes that are cheaply made and mass produced in order to be sold at low prices so they can fill consumer desires quickly without much thought or consideration about how it will affect people’s lives or the environment. When you shop at Gangworthy, your clothes are sourced from sustainable sources that uphold fair wage and safe working conditions for workers. We do this because we believe in living a conscientious lifestyle. Our poly mailer bags are made from a material that will break down over time, which means they can be recycled! Gangworthy poly mailers are eco-friendly because the materials will naturally breakdown and be recyclable.


At Gangworthy, giving back is our top priority; while we are in the process of connecting with various not-for profit organisations that serve as great opportunities for collaboration, it’s important that we hear from you: what makes someone a hero? Is it being an amazing teacher who inspires their students every day? Or maybe someone who volunteers at a homeless shelter on weekends or after work hours just so they can help others look forward another week knowing they have some support there? Whatever type of person might make up We want to see every individual feeling empowered and safe. To that end, we also uplift members of the LGBTQ+ community as well as those from diverse backgrounds such as women within Asian communities or immigrants being targeted for deportation proceedings in our company culture by providing them with resources and opportunities they deserve. We are always looking for new partners to help us work on our mission. If you know of any organisations that share the same goal as ours, please contact us HERE.

Our Ethos

To be worthy of the fiercest love, without fear of rejection.
Clothing is more than just an aesthetic, it’s a way to express your personality. Clothing should be available for people of all types and sizes so that they can fully express their individuality!
A person’s wardrobe should not be dictated by their gender. This is a point I am very passionate about! It may seem like an arbitrary thing to talk about, but it really isn’t when you think of the implications for each and every individual – whoever they might happen to be on any given day – in society as a whole. You have the right to dress in whatever you want without worrying about what others think. Dress for yourself and not anyone else! Many teenagers feel pressured by society’s norms of dressing according to gender, age group, or style. You should never let that stop you from wearing what makes YOU happy- clothes are meant as a means of self expression so make sure they reflect who you really are on an everyday basis.